ReHome Your Pet

We are proud to be part of Adopt-a-Pet's Rehome program. If you are in need of rehoming your pet and are able to keep them in your home while you find a new owner, Rehome is a great option.

How does Rehome work?


Create Your Pet's Profile

Upload information about your pet into your pet's profile that you can manage in your dashboard. Your pet's profile will be loaded onto to be seen by adopters. You'll use your dashboard to upload documents, review applications, and respond to questions from potential adopters.


Review Applications

Adopt-a-Pet will notify you when you receive an application and will help guide you through reviewing these applications.


Meet Adopters

After you've reviewed applications, you'll be ready to meet potential adopters. Adopt-a-Pet will guide you through having a safe and effective meeting.


Finalize the Adoption

Once you choose an adopter, Adopt-a-Pet will create a personalized adoption agreement for you and the adopter. The adopter will pay an adoption fee that will then be transferred to our organization to help more animals in need.

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